4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch '.com' for Good

One of the first steps entrepreneurs take when jumping into startup life is setting up a company website. But then reality strikes: Most find that their dream ".com" names have been taken, or else are being held by brokers looking to make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to release even the most mediocre domain.

Entrepreneurs in this position would be wise to take advantage of some of the new extensions being rolled out and ditch .com for good. Instead, they should consider some of the following opportunities when jump-starting their digital presence or a new campaign:

1. .Email, .design, .rentals and other industry-specific domains

The truth is that while consumers are the most familiar with searching for a .com, many of those same .com domains fail to tell the company’s story.

Fortunately, there is now a new domain for just about every industry. A new creative agency can launch on a .design, while a startup competing to find the path to inbox zero might consider a .email. The new domains being rolled out are more memorable than a traditional .com; and they are positioning companies at the forefront of upcoming internet trends.

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Posted on Date:
Friday, May 15, 2015