Our Domains

Meet the Afilias Family of Domains

Afilias has more than a dozen years supporting a wide, diverse group of top-level domains, including generic TLDs (gTLDs) and country code TLDs (ccTLDs). Afilias has successfully supported applications for and launches of more TLDs than any other registry services provider.

Afilias manages the .INFO, .MOBI, .PRO, .PINK, .BLUE, .RED, .KIM, .BLACK, .SHIKSHA, .ORGANIC, .LGBT, .POKER, .LOTTO, .BET, .PET, .PROMO, .GREEN, .SKI, .ARCHI, .BIO, .GLOBAL, .LLC and .移动 (dotChineseMOBILE) gTLDs.

Plus, Afilias provides support to a number of gTLDs including .ORG, .NGO, .ONG, .AERO, .ASIA, .POST, .ONL, .RICH, .VEGAS, .SRL, .LTDA, .ECO, and ccTLDs; .AG (Antigua and Barbuda), .BZ (Belize), .GI (Gibraltar), .LC (St. Lucia), .ME (Montenegro), .MN (Mongolia), .SC (the Seychelles), .BM (Bermuda), .VC (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), .AU (Australia), .PR (Puerto Rico), .IO (British Indian Ocean Territory), .AC (Ascension Island), .SH (St. Helena Islands).

Our proven experience and world-class, end-to-end registry services are the best solution for businesses, brands and organizations looking to launch their own top-level domains.