Agape Red

Agape Red builds software, mobile apps, and websites for businesses. Whatever the case may be, if you want to build quality software-- something that lasts, something that won't blow your deadline and budget out of the water, whether you're considering building software, or you've tried unsuccessfully to build software in the past, or you've just maxed out your own team's resources, consider Agape Red. 
We know when smart organizations like yours struggle with software development a lot is at risk -- leads, customers, repeat customers, sales, fans, and your organization's reputation. We solve software problems the right way so you can stop pulling your hair out and popping aspirin like Tic Tacs.
We have a saying around here, "The right people building the right software for the right reasons getting the right results." That's a lot of "rights" to get right. But our experience has proven that it takes a smart balance of people, software, and discipline to achieve strong results.
We only accept projects when we're certain we can deliver the best solution. If we can't do it we'll look you square in the eye and say, "We can't do this." Then we'll recommend one of our partners who can help you get the job done.
Here's something else we say, "You shouldn't do this. Yet." If you have an idea for a product or business, it's possible you may need to do more research or validation before we can help you. We'll recommend some folks who can help you get even more prepared and don't worry, we'll be here once you're ready. Everything we do is broken into bite-sized chunks that are easy to track in Heartbeat, our proprietary project management system. We use the phone when it's necessary. We send up the red flag as a warning, not an afterthought. We don't like surprises (unless it involves pizza) so we make sure you never get any from us.
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Thursday, December 7, 2017